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d2t promo week 23 just 50 ld

=WEEK 23 SALE for L$50 @ D2T Designs=
Come check out our Weekly Promo for L$ 50

For Girls & Boys in a lot of different Mesh Bodies
◘ Strapless Sexy Dress in Pastels
◘ Cool Leather Sneakers
◘ HUD driven
◘ Only L$ 50 !!!!!!



D2T Designs PROMO 2017 wk23

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d2t fashion for him and her

hi followers,

here good news i found my account back from wp 🙂

i will inform you aboute D2T Designs

d2t have every week a new promo normale 199ld thane just 50 ld

cant wait? here is shop to go to :

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fishing girl

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mysl = new

hi all

from sl site is kind sort of blog free and all people that are in sl can follow you

you can making photo’s ore just making a story with words

here is mysl :

have fun to follow me on mysl

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my sl feed

hi all

here som news from me

i dith use alote my sl feed its free and nice in use

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play with my photo program

dx promo

dx test 512 2

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test play with new photo programma

jz fashion_003

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tomorow embassy club 2pm -4 pm

╠I ▤::.▶ DJ:  Młѕƨ Ͼħσƙɣ    ♬
╠I ▤::.▶ Style: freestyle    ♪
╠I ▤::.▶ Time:2AM-4AM   (slt)
╠I ▤::.▶ Host: Mona❤
╠I ▤::.▶
╠I 亗E -FB:
╠I 亗E -Web:
╠I 亗Embassy Club Powered By Radio DeeJay
╠I 亗Embassy Club … Feel The Music ♬

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just some fun

small_546237a6128cc903d2000001 on safe hup ??

web_547a26a7128cc93465000001 noob moter

web_5503c71f128cc9746f000001 eeuw you don’t will be my friend

web_5515d0638da57276e1000001hmm me with out skinn?

web_54623252128cc95896000001 yaay also in sl we have funny mask


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sport outfite on sunday :)

great group gift from : c&c shop

all is non mesh so little old way for the fashion world

so don’t miss this group gift , group is free so no cost it all enyo the gifts

blog11-1-2015_001 blog11-1-2015_002 blog11-1-2015_003 blog11-1-2015_004

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